How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy Through the Winter

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Winter Lawn Care Tips: How Best to Keep Your Lawn Alive and Healthy

When it comes to winter lawn care, down here in the south we often don't do all we should.  We typically don't see snow, and sometimes Christmas gets spent in shorts and a t-shirt.  But there are still enough days where the temperatures drop below freezing, enough to potentially damage or kill your lawn.  So, let's look at how to keep your lawn healthy through these rough temperatures so that come spring it'll be beautiful and green for you.

Avoid Foot Traffic

For keeping your yard safe and thriving through the winter, try to avoid walking on it.  Foot traffic compacts the dirt and stresses the grass at a time it's trying to go dormant and survive.  Specifically, when the grass is frozen and stiff it can cause irreparable damage due to blades breaking instead of bending.

Don't Leave Things on Your Lawn

Anything you leave on your lawn, like children's toys, parking your card, or anything else that puts weight on your grass and blocks the sun, will create dead spots.  Be sure to pick up debris or junk from your lawn to avoid permanently damaging your lawn.

Don't Fertilize Too Early

During the winter, you want to be careful not to fertilize too soon.  Fertilizer can cause grass to focus on shoot growth instead of root growth, and in the winter you want your grass to focus on rooting in.  Most fertilizers are designed to promote rapid growth to fill in and form a lush, green lawn.  But in winter that's not what plants need to be focused on.  It's all about conserving energy and deepening their roots.

Have Questions?

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