How to Properly Clean and Store Your Plunger

how to properly clean and store your plunger

Have You Ever Taken the Time to Clean Your Plunger? If you’ve had to unclog a toilet recently, you know how important (and nasty) your plunger is.  After use, knowing how to properly clean and store your plunger is necessary for maintaining cleanliness in your home.  Plungers are important tools for dealing with toilet clogs…

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Six Ways to Unclog a Toilet

unclog a toilet

Your How-To Guide on How to Unclog a Toilet If you’re dealing with a stoppage and needing to unclog a toilet fast, there are six main ways to go about it.  But it might get a bit crappy, pun intended, so be prepared.  If you don’t have the stomach for it, or you think the…

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What Should You Ask Plumbers and Electricians?

what you should ask plumbers and electricians

Plumbers and Electricians Are Different Than Other Tradesmen When it comes to the plumbing and electrical trades, there are several differences as compared to HVAC, landscaping, roofing, and other professional home services.  These differences include how the licensing works, availability of materials, and some stark cultural differences and the subsequent customer experiences.  Understanding these differences…

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Running Power to Your Shed or Garage: What You Need to Know

running power to your shed

Are You Considering Running Power to Your Shed or Detached Garage? When considering running power to your shed or detached garage, we highly recommend using a licensed electrician.  It may or may not be legal for you to do yourself in your area, but even if it is this is not a simple project.  You…

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Electricians in Winter: How the Seasons Change Things

electricians in winter

Is Electrical a Seasonal Service? At any time of year your electrical systems can fail.  However, many parts of the electrical repair industry is seasonal for a number of reasons that impact both contractors and consumers.  The need and elective want for services vary based on time of year, and winter is probably the time…

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Is Your Water Heater Leaking?

is your water heater leaking

Understanding Water Heaters Is your water heater leaking?  If so, that’s a big deal since water heaters are one of the most used and essential appliances in our homes today. They provide hot water for many of our daily tasks like bathing and cleaning.  As is the case with any other appliance they are prone…

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Types of Air Conditioners: Understanding How They Work

types of air conditioners

Understanding the Different Types of Air Conditioners and How They Work. There are several different types of HVAC systems, and while they all have the ability to keep your home nice and comfy no matter what the outside temperature may be, each one achieves that goal in a different way. Let’s look at each one…

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Tanked Water Heater Flush: To Flush or Not to Flush?

tanked water heater flush

The Argument for Flushing Your Tanked Heater It is easy to forget about your lowly water heater found in all our homes.  It does its job tirelessly and effortlessly, providing us with hot water for all our daily needs without us giving it a second thought.  This sometimes results in us missing a very important…

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Most Efficient Water Heaters: What Water Heater Types are Best?

most efficient water heaters

Understanding Water Heater Types When it comes to the most efficient water heaters, it starts with looking at the different types.  Different types of heaters utilize differing fuels and methods to heat and keep heated your water, and they’re not all equal.  Understanding the available types of water heaters will help you understand how to…

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Do Air Conditioners Bring in Fresh Air From Outside?

Do Air Conditioners Bring In Fresh Air From Outside

Understanding Where Your Air Comes From It is often asked, ‘do air conditioners bring in fresh air from outside?’  With more and more reports published every year about indoor air quality concerns and the associated health risks, it is understandable that consumers are trying to learn out exactly how their air conditioner works and where…

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