Meet the Team

At Surfside, it is important to us that you know who you're working with.  It is our privilege to be allowed into your home, and we want you to know who it is you're letting in.

Every employee undergoes a complete background check as well as extensive training on company policies, procedures, and their service responsibilities to ensure the best customer experience.  With our service motto being 'A Wave of Excellence', this is especially important to us.

With experts across multiple fields, we are truly the one call that books it all.  As a multi-faceted service company, our hard working men and women strive daily to expand their knowledge base both within their individual field as well as with cross-training to other services to become multi-trade experts.


David Evans

David has been mastering his HVAC trade for decades.  He is cross-trained in Electrical and Home Repair and is a highly skilled multi-trade expert.


Jake Stallworth

Electrical & HVAC Service Technician

Jake has been with Surfside from day one and is cross trained in both HVAC and Electrical.  Jake is a trusted favorite of many Surfside customers and is frequently requested by name. 

Not only is Jake an excellent technician, he’s also a masterful guitar player!


Thomas Brooks

HVAC Install Team Leader

Thomas is the definition of a team player.  His primary role at Surfside is leading an HVAC install team, but he helps in every department with an enthusiastic attitude.  Thomas and his wife Loran are invaluable members of the Surfside family. 


Stone Lehmann

Electrical & HVAC Team Leader 

Stone is a cross trained Generator and HVAC install technician with extensive experience in his areas of expertise.  He is one of our team leaders and he has the extraordinary ability to get along with anyone and everyone to keep spirits up and get the job done.  Stone takes every job seriously while injecting humor and keeping the team having fun along the way. 


Patrick Rose

Electrical & HVAC Apprentice 

Patrick started his trade career in the Army, excelling in his training as preparation for the private sector. 

At Surfside, Patrick has worked in Home Repair, Electrical and HVAC as a great fit everywhere thanks to his diverse experience, work ethic and team-first mentality. 

Nigrial Faust

Nigrial works between HVAC install and service, and continues to learn and cross-train with our Home Repair department.  He is well on his way to becoming a multi-trade expert.


Eric Nance

Electrical Operations Leader

Eric is one of Surfside’s Master Electricians.  As such, he leads our Electrical division with years of experience and knowledge.  Eric’s advanced troubleshooting skills give him the ability to be a master technician in both Electrical and HVAC.  His success as a tradesmen, attributable to his extensive skill and experience, is continually imparted to the team he leads. 


David Shermer

Electrical Service Technician

With 12 Years experience, David has worked in all areas of the Electrical trade.  David is our lead electrical diagnostic technician—there's not much he can’t do!  From troubleshooting to new construction, David has a true passion when it comes to his trade and strives only to get better each day. 


Carter Gautney

Electrical Team Leader

Carter is not only an Electrical Team Leader, he’s a key player on Team Surfside.  Carter sets the standard for us by showing what it looks like to take your trade seriously.  One look inside his well organized and outfitted service van proves it.  


Dylan Meacham

Electrical Service Technician

Dylan has been a Electrician since 2015 and is team oriented through and through.  Dylan continues to grow in his career at Surfside and will be leading his own crew very soon.  We look forward to seeing Dylan take the next step and we know he will definitely succeed in this roll. 


Zachary Maclennan

Electrical & HVAC Apprentice 

Zach has been in the electrical trade since 2020 and is working on getting his Journeyman's license and ultimately moving into a lead position.  Zach is cross training in both Electrical and HVAC service, and we could not be more grateful for his dedication to his career and our company.


Caleb Cole

Plumbing Operations Leader

Caleb is Surfside’s Master Plumber and Gas Fitter.  While Caleb was not with us from day one, our plumbing department was not complete until he arrived.  Starting with us three months after Surfside's inception, Caleb quickly proved himself invaluable and the right man to take care of his department and the men dependent upon him within it.


Mitchell Carter

Plumbing Service Tech

Mitch holds a journeyman plumber's and journeyman gas fitter's license as a most excellent member of our team.  Although young, Mitch has quickly established himself as a leader and prominent member of our team.  There is nothing but high advancement and excellence in Mitch's future.


Joshua Thompson

Plumbing Service Tech

J.T. has served Surfside since the beginning with years of experience as a critically important member of our team.  As a licensed journeyman plumber, J.T. and his apprentice, his brother Matt Thompson, help make Surfside the formidable company that it is.  There is no more level-headed and uplifting member of our team than J.T.


Madison Lynch

Plumbing Service Tech

Madison holds a journeyman plumber's and journeyman gas fitter's license and serves as Plumbing's lead installer.  Madison's years of experience and much appreciated humor help keep the rest of the department both in high spirits and at optimal performance.


Sam Carter

Plumbing Apprentice

Sam, brother to Mitchell Carter, is one our newest plumbing apprentices working toward his journeyman license.  With a great attention to detail, just like his brother, Sam shows all the same promise to become a top notch plumber.


Matthew Thompson

Plumbing Apprentice

Matt, brother to Joshua Thompson, is our most experienced plumbing apprentice working toward his journeyman license.  Matt, along with his brother, have been with us since day one, and has been willing to step in wherever we needed help.  Several times Matt has stepped up and shown a rare level of care and concern and willingness to put himself out for the sake of his fellow employees.


Christopher Ryals

Chris is Surfside Plumbing's newest apprentice, and, so far, Chris has proved himself a humble and fast learner.  We are excited to watch him grow and learn such a valuable career trade!


Preston Talbot

Home Repair Team Leader 

Preston is Surfside’s lead technician for Home Repair.  No matter the trade, no one holds a higher standard for excellence or compares to his extensive multi-trade experience.  His dedication to being a master craftsman makes Preston one of the anchors of the Surfside philosophy to achieve excellence.

Leroy Moss

Home Repair Service Tech

Leroy continues to prove himself as an invaluable member of Surfside's team with his attention to detail and superb repair skills.  With years of experience, Leroy is a rare multi-trade expert, the kind of master craftsman every tradesman only hopes to become.


Walter Sessions

Operations Leader

As Surfside's executive officer in charge of our secondary services, Walter serves responsible for the standard of excellence in Lawn Care, Power Wash, and Home Cleaning, placing significant focus on cross training our secondary service techs between these three services.

LawnCare - Brandon

Brandon Hepburn

Lawn & Power Wash Tech

Brandon is trained in our Lawn Care and Power Wash divisions.  He possesses a the kind of keen eye for detail that produces high quality work, exactly what our lawn and power washing customers have come to expect from us.

LawnCare - Esser

Jacob Esser

Lawn & Power Wash Tech

Jacob works with Home Repair, Lawn Care, and Power Wash as an up-and-coming multi-trade expert and shining example of true work ethic.  Excelling in problem-solving and therefore being able to be sent on nearly any job, Jacob has only to stick with it to continue to become invaluable to us.

Cleaning - Jessica

Jessica Moore

Home Cleaning Expert

Jessica keeps us motivated with her high energy and awesome work ethic as one of our leading home cleaners.  Our regular cleaning customers have come to expect Jessica and no one else: she is who they trust and ask for by name.


Beau Lehmann


As Chief Executive Officer, Beau steers the ship as our leading expert in service excellence.  Beau isn't limited to serving Surfside with just his impressive service skills, however, but also continues to amaze us with his content creation and technological skills.  Most every image you find on our social media or website was created by Beau.


Christopher Olson, EA


As Chief Financial Officer, Christopher keeps us proficient administratively and with our financial processes and procedures.  With a steady focus on business and a company-first mindset, Christopher sets an impressive example for work ethic and willingness to fill the gaps.


Loran Brooks

Customer Service Rep

One of the friendly voices you'll hear answering our phones, Loran continues to impress with her quick learning and natural knack for everything administratively service related.  Loran is exactly who every service company hopes to bring into their office.


Courtney McCall

Customer Service Rep

Courtney's customer service skills make her the perfect fit as one of our Customer Service Reps, setting daily the bar for customers' experience.  Her smile is heard through her voice, and we are thankful to have that with us.


Rachel Olson, LBSW

Customer Service Rep

As a part-time Customer Service Rep, Rachel helps keep us rolling covering our phones nights and weekends.  More so, as our CFO's wife, she serves to help with his overwhelming workload as a valuable assistant and life partner.  He'd be lost without her.