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  • Free Estimates - No hastle estimates!
  • $25 Service Calls - Call today!
  • Safety First - Background checks on everyone!
  • A Wave of Excellence - Only the best pros!
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We are 'The One Call That Books It All', with individual masters of their craft in every division. It's not the same people doing everything: it's highly trained professionals comprising each department, but all under the same trusted brand and service philosophy of excellence.

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All Electrical Repairs Including...

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A lot of companies have affordable prices, but can you afford the company? Mistakes are costly and fly-by-night companies won't be there later.

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600/400 Electrical

Saraland AL Generator Repair and Installation | Whole House Generator Services

Contact a professional generator repair and installation company like ours for your generator needs. We can help you with everything from choosing the right generator for your home to properly installing it. We also offer maintenance and repair services to keep your generator running smoothly.

If you're unsure if a whole-house generator is right for you, we can help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of owning one. We'll also go over different types of generators and their features so that you can make an informed decision.

Moreover, we offer repair and maintenance to ensure your generator is working in an optimum state. Our services are highly flexible as we provide customization to fit your needs and budget. With experienced professionals in our team, we don't make mistakes during installation. We follow local building codes and equipment instructions for maximum safety.

If you already have a generator, we can still help you. We offer repair and maintenance services to keep your generator running like new. We can also help you if you're having trouble operating your generator or if it's not working as efficiently as it should be.

No matter your needs, we can help you with all aspects of generator repair and installation. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Choose A Licensed Generator Contractor Near You

If you require a generator for your home or business, the first step is finding a reputable contractor who can help you select and install the suitable model. With so many different types and sizes of generators on the market, it's essential to work with someone who knows their way around these machines. That's where we come in.

Choosing the right contractor can be daunting, but we're here to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible. There are so many generator brands and models to choose from. You do not have to worry about picking the wrong model for installation, as we'll guide you throughout the process.

Our team is licensed and skilled in generator repair work and new fittings. Moreover, we offer maintenance and regular checkups to ensure the system runs smoothly. If your generator isn't working as efficiently, we can take a look to suggest the next step. 

We'll never push for additional repairs unless necessary. Our team is here to build long-term client relationships.

Need To Install or Replace Your Home Generator? Call Surfside Today!

If you're in the market for a new home generator, or if you need to replace your existing one, call us. We'll help you select the perfect model for your home and budget. We'll also install it according to the manufacturer's instructions and local building codes. And, we'll ensure that everything is properly placed and that your generator runs smoothly before we leave.

We understand that a home generator is a significant investment, so we'll work diligently to ensure that you're completely satisfied with the work we do. We'll also be there to help you maintain your generator long-term, so you can rest assured that it will serve you well for years to come.

Our team is waiting to hear from you! Call today!

Neal Yates, says:

"Repaired a gas leak, contacted utility, and waited for them to come out and inspect, saving a second service call."

Matthew Wadsley, says:

"This company is amazing and SO professional. I used HomeAdvisor to find an HVAC technician in my area and the Co-Owner Christopher contacted me almost immediately. I told him that I needed a repair on my HVAC system and he set me up a date for a technician to come out. On the day of the repair, I called Surfside services to confirm my appointment and Alexis helped me confirm. Then the technician Jake came out and repaired the system now there are a few minor tweaks that have to be done but overall this company is super professional and prompt with their service! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND if you need a good HVAC company!"

Brad Hodges, says:

"Caleb fixed my sewer problem. He did it for a fair amount. I am very satisfied!"

Alabama License No: 02477