Planning for Freezing Temperatures

how to prepare for freezing temperatures

How to Prepare for Freezing Temperatures

When you don't know how to prepare for freezing temperatures, and those below-freezing numbers are threatening your area, you want to follow a few simple steps:

1) Leave the cold and hot tap dripping inside the home
2) Cover your outside hose bibs with proper covers that will stay dry
3) Cover any outdoor exposed water lines, like the brass fittings around your tankless water heater or an outdoor shower
4) When it doubt, call us for tips or help preparing

Is it Difficult to Prepare?

It isn't the hardest thing to learn how to prepare for freezing temperatures, but it does require being a bit proactive.  And being proactive is worth it: the consequences of not taking the time to prepare for freezing temperatures can be costly.  Pipes can burst, tankless water heaters can be irreparably damaged, and if you're not careful you can end up with water leaks that cause substantial damage to your home.  And if it happens because you did not take the right steps to prepare, you run the risk of your insurance carrier denying any claims.


Once I Know How to Prepare for Freezing Temperatures, at What Temperature Should I Truly Take these Steps?

how to prepare for freezing temperaturesTypically, and especially here in the south, there will be local weather warnings about a 'hard freeze'.  Anytime the temperature goes below freezing there is a risk of damage to your plumbing.  But during a hard freeze it means the temperatures are expected to stay low enough for long enough to have a high likelihood of causing damage.  So, when a hard freeze warning is in place, take these simple steps to avoid unnecessary damage.

Checkout master plumber Caleb's video on how to prepare for more helpful information.

Thinking you may need a plumber?

Before you decide who to use, take a minute to meet their team and learn a bit more about them.  If you're considering us, great!  Check us out by learning more about our company or taking a minute to meet our team!