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Parking Lot Lighting Repairs Require Quick Attention

Parking lot lighting is an essential provision for safety and utilization in a business' parking lot.  When they stop working, which eventually will happen, it's critical to get them repaired immediately.  Customers often won't continue coming to a business after dark if the parking lot appears poorly lit and unsafe.  This can cost a small business a lot of money in lost customer revenue.  That's why we're quick to act and provide repairs or replacements for any parking lot lighting repair you may require.


There Are Many Reasons to Repair Your Parking Lot Lighting Fast

Outdated Lighting

Large parking areas are usually lit by outdated fixtures.  With many facilities having been built when metal halite or mercury vapor lights were in, there's a stark contrast between the parking lot lights of before and the new fixtures with LED lighting.  Consequently, when looking for a parking lot lighting repair, you have to find an electrical company familiar with both the new LED styles as well as the now-ancient styles of just a few decades ago, which not all are.

Outdated lighting can also be working correctly but just not well enough.  Older lights are not going to keep lit your parking lot as well as the new LEDs.  Sometimes this makes it necessary to upgrade to newer fixtures that utilize newer technologies and provide better results.


Parking lot lighting repairs by way of replacing older fixtures with LED fixtures can reduce energy consumption by more than 65%.  On average, an LED’s lifespan is 5-10x more than an HID lamp.  Making the switch will help you save energy and maintenance costs.  Retrofitting delivers immediate big energy saving along with significant maintenance savings, especially on a long-term timeline.


We make sure that all of our parking lot light repairs in each area of a facility are matched with the appropriate illumination.  Thankfully, LEDs are made specifically for all kinds of applications like for the rendering of colors naturally and for distributing the light more evenly at whatever lumen level you require.  When the project is complete, your site will be brighter and much safer for drivers and customers

Looking for a Parking Lot Lighting Repair?

At Surfside, we're more than just a local electric company.  With multiple home services, each represented by their own individual experts, Surfside is uniquely suited to handle a wide range of our customers' needs.  Whether parking lot lighting repairs or another electrical need, we've got you covered.

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